Castle Rock

You can enjoy the heights of the East River the paranormal view of the coast. You can access it from the parking point situated near a junction of Highways 3 and 329 in the East River. The trail is accessible throughout the whole year despite the season.
It can be used primarily for mountain biking, hiking, and snowshoeing. You can come with dogs. However, they should be kept on leash. The trail will enable you to enjoy a spectacular coastal view on top of Castle Rock. You will easily navigate it if you want to….

Bay to Bay Trail (part of Rum Runners Trail)

This is a 10km trail going through the picturesque woodlands that can be accessed from various points. You can expect horses, ATVs, and hikers. Hybrid bikes, as well as mountain bikes, are recommended. Rentals are available on the South Shore.
Besides driving towards the trail and cycling, public transit and taxi services are also available. However, it is not recommended to use road bikes. You can access these services throughout the years despite the season. It provides snow heaven to the hikers, crosses country skiers, snow-shoers, and snowmobilers….

Barrington Bay Trail

The Barrington Bay Trail is a 2.3 Km ocean view trail situated along the former railbed from the central business district up to Doctor’s Cove. It is as well one of the best scenics within the municipality. It borders Barrington Bay and offers beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean throughout the trail.
You will find rest stops with benches along the route. The trail offers an access point from the Horizon Motel & Chalets, across the road. You will also find several interpretive signage throughout the trail with information relating to the area and the trail….

Aspotogan Trail (part of Rum Runners Trail)

The Aspotogan trail will enable you to discover the best of Nova Scotia. You can take a simple bike to the coastal charming communities and enjoy award-winning flavors, fresh seafood, local culture, as well as sandy beaches.
These trails will connect you with the best and beautiful site in Nova Scotia. You can also experience where the moon began by taking the Harvest moon trail. There is a Celtic shore coastal trail where you can catch a beautiful view of the coastal shore. Besides, you will be able to enjoy the rum runners trail….