Field trips are one of the things that make homeschooling fun and exciting. They enable students to have a participatory interaction in real-time with a subject of interest, which can be the culture of a particular community or a food item at the grocery store.

There are situations where students cannot head out on a trip to feel and explore. Hence, the innovation of a virtual field trip will enable students to partake in a field trip from the comfort of their homes. Equipped with their school headphones, students can experience a simulation of the sensory experience that comes with a real-life field trip.

A Canadian virtual field trip to Oak Island, the parliament buildings, or museums allows the student to see and experience places online. Some of these locations can be places they may never get to visit during their lifetime, such as the Louvre in Paris, France.

This article will be revealing five virtual field trips in Canada that school kids get to experience without being present physically.

1. The Parliament Buildings (Ottawa, Ontario)

Parliament Building Ottawa

It has become possible to execute a virtual tour through the Parliament Buildings in the capital city of Canada with just the click of a mouse, courtesy of Google. On this virtual tour, students get to see and wander through the various parts, sections, and rooms of the Canadian Parliament Buildings. The various sections and rooms you can experience in this location include:

  • The Memorial Centre
  • The Office of the Prime Minister
  • The Peace Tower Observation Deck
  • The House of Commons
  • The Parliament’s Library
  • The Meeting Room

This is a combination of a virtual tour and some video footage sourced from Parliament. Furthermore, they reveal essential information concerning the prominent parts of the Parliament Buildings. The available resources on the web for school tours equals a memorable visit to the Canadian Parliament Buildings.

2. The Canadian Arctic, Iqaluit, Nunavut

Canadian Arctic

Nunavut is one of the most northern territories in Canada. It is prominently known for the Canadian Arctic, one of the coldest and most amazing destinations in the world. The downside of visiting this destination is that it’s too remote to be reached by road. You can only get there by air.

The good news is that you can experience the Canadian Arctic without leaving your home because of Google Map Treks. Students get the opportunity to experience Iqaluit and know how life is in this remote territory. There are also various audio tours sharing exciting and unique sights and buildings. In addition, you can have a virtual experience of a dog sled ride, learn how they filmed the town and the pioneer explorers of the community.

Virtual Tours to Farms

There is a wide variety of farms spread across Canada. You can go on a trip to different kinds of farms such as:

  • Poultry farm
  • Beef & Dairy farm
  • Vegetable & Fruit farm
  • Pig farm
  • Sheep farm

These farms mentioned above even have sub-divisions. For instance, poultry farm has categories such as free-range, aviary, free run, enriched style, and conventional farm. Once a student selects where they want to have a tour, they are given a bird’s eye view of the farm with various indicators giving you options of the different directions to go to.

3. The Canadian Museum of History

This location offers students the chance to get acquainted with the history of Canada as well as the history of the world. Virtual tours here can be via interactive sites or photographic journals. Some tour sites provide teaching resources. It’s a varied collection of historical records.

4. The Royal Tyrell Museum

This museum is located in the Alberta province of Canada. Google Maps’ Streetview camera has made it possible for students or virtual tourists to have an almost realistic experience of the different sections of the museum. A perk of the virtual tour is that you have access to places that are prohibited to visitors.

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